Article September 28, 2021

Cyber case study round-up

Have you missed any of our monthly cyber claims case studies? Don't fear! Here's your chance to catch up.

In 2018, we launched our cyber claims case study series. Coming to you monthly, these in-depth case studies have explored everything from data re-creation after ransomware attacks to the reputational impact of data breaches. Here, we have consolidated the series so far. Have a read, and be on the lookout for more in the coming months. 

Thwarted threat: A machinery manufacturer nearly falls victim to malicious software

Law firm leakage: When a law firm employee fails to recognise a malicious attachment, it prompts a full-blown ransomware attack

Car part chaos: When an auto parts dealer gets hit by a ransomware attack, it comes close to wrecking their business

Recruitment ruse: When an employee at a recruitment firm falls for a phishing scam, a significant payment is misdirected

Search engine setback: When malicious code impairs a hotel's website, it takes longer than expected to get back on track

Nursing home hoax: After a CEO's email account is hacked, a care home faces huge financial loss from social engineering

Lucrative lookout: A city government falls victim to a fraudster on the watch for sizeable wire transfers

Education infiltration: Hackers access a school's systems through remote desktop protocol and hold data to ransom

Tax return trauma: A haulage firm loses several large tax payments after their accountant's email is spoofed

Donation diversion: A charity's payment to a research partner is sent to a fraudulent account after an email account is compromised 

Payroll pandemonium: An HR service provider loses contracts due to a cyber attack suffered by one of its supply chain partners

Subcontractor scam: Criminals swindle a construction firm out of large payment by impersonating a subcontractor

Database debacle: A ransomware attack throws up unforeseen complications for a domestic goods retailer

School fees fiasco: Parents mistakenly pay tuition fees to a fraudster impersonating a private school

City shakedown: A targeted extortion attack leaves a local government in a predicament

Website wipeout: An appliance retailer suffers a significant sales shortfall after its website is taken down by hackers

Kitchen calamity: A kitchen unit manufacturer shelves several days’ profits after ransomware attack

Poached payment: Fraudster impersonates an insurance brokerage to siphon off customer payment

CEO swindle: A manufacturing firm transfers thousands to scam artists after falling victim to CEO fraud

Legacy system letdown: A ransomware attack on an electrical firm sparks the collapse of a vital accounting system

Phishing for funds: A law firm, specializing in property matters, falls victim to a social engineering scam

Malware mayhem: A targeted extortion attack and extensive malware infestation hit a tech provider

Software shutdown: A property management company learns the importance of longer indemnity periods after a cyber attack results in lost contracts

Reputational repercussions: A data breach leads to a damaged reputation and subsequent incomes loss for an online retailer

Quick fix complication: A healthcare provider wipes ransomware from their system, only to discover they’ve also wiped away the proof that large-scale notification isn’t necessary

Beyond the breach: A malware attack leads to huge operational disruption for a small hospital

Backup breakdown: A ransomware wipes out an engineering firm’s files, creating a need for full data re-creation