Transaction liability

Transaction liability insurance has become a valuable tool for M&A deal facilitation employed by both private equity firms and strategic buyers and sellers.

CFC has one of the largest dedicated transaction liability underwriting teams in the market, made up of former M&A attorneys, investment bankers and chartered accountants with real-world experience handling transactions of all sizes. We take a proactive approach towards addressing gaps in the market, creating innovative and commercially focused solutions for SME deals.

Transaction liablity insurance guide
Transaction liability

Representation and warranty insurance for both buyers and sellers, backed by the largest transaction liability team in London.

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Transaction liability

Transaction liability

Available to buyers & sellers offering cover for representations & warranties, contingent tax, and other M&A liabilities

Key features

  • Bespoke cover
  • Breach of warranties
  • Clean exit
  • Bid enhancement
  • Limited seller security

Transaction liability private enterprise

Insures sellers of small and micro businesses against the risk of financial loss as a result of an inaccuracy in a representation or warranty 

Key features

  • Legal and contractual damages plus defense costs
  • Competitive terms
  • No underwriting call
  • No due diligence review
  • Clean exit

Meet the team

  • Angus Marshall
  • Head of Transaction Liability
  • Adam Martin
  • Transaction Liability Practice Leader
  • Ben Nelson
  • Transaction Liability Practice Leader
  • Grant Hollis
  • Transaction Liability Business Development and New Initiatives Leader
  • Steve Nagle
  • Transaction Liability Team Leader & Technical Manager
  • Jake Janes
  • Transaction Liability International Team Leader
  • Brett Rawlings
  • Transaction Liability Senior Underwriter
  • Fred Lewis
  • Transaction Liability Senior Underwriter
  • Alejandra Hernandez Irizarry
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Alice Millar
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Jack Cornick
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Laura Zlotkin-Leslie
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Sarah Cardiff
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Siddharth Anand
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Shameela Chowdhury
  • Transactions Liability Assistant Underwriter
  • Abigail Wigmore
  • Transaction Liability Assistant Underwriter
  • Alex Tinsley
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Charlotte Lane
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Alexander MacKay
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Luke Blayney
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter
  • Laurence Dennis
  • Transaction Liability Assistant Underwriter
  • Jordan Zubeidi
  • Transaction Liability Underwriter (Secondary Transactions)
  • Michael Allen
  • Transaction Liability Operations Specialist
  • Georgina Friswell
  • Transaction Liability Underwriting Assistant
  • Rob Lester
  • Transaction Liability Underwriting Assistant

Our transaction liability private enterprise team

  • Joe Perrett
  • Transaction Liability Product Manager
  • Jasmine Afreh
  • Transaction Liability Private Enterprise Underwriter
  • Bilal Khan
  • Transaction Liability Private Enterprise Underwriter

Our first-to-market policy for small business sellers

We estimate there to be nearly half a million SME M&A transactions a year globally, which represents the next sector of growth. We are proud to have developed an award-winning solution specifically for small business sellers to help protect the full value of their deal.

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Why does transaction liability insurance exist?

Transaction liability insurance is a valuable tool to help buyers and sellers facilitate mergers and acquisitions (M&A). It means the sellers carry the risk for any liabilities which occurred when they owned the company. If these issues are then discovered after the transaction is completed and causes financial loss, the seller could be found to be financially responsible.

Representations and warranties are statements of fact. In an M&A transaction, the seller will represent and warrant certain facts about the company which they are selling. An indemnity is a legal promise to be responsible for a third party’s loss if a certain event is to occur.

Representation and warranty insurance is available to both buyers and sellers in private M&A transactions, and is most often purchased by the buyer. 

CFC also offers solutions for transatlantic M&A, portfolio acquisitions and secondary fund acquisitions.

CFC recently launched a first-to-market policy which provides small business sellers with cover for indemnity and defence costs resulting from a breach of sale contract. Learn more about how M&A insurance can help sellers facilitate their deal here

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