Media & entertainment

Content is king, and anyone with a social media account can become an influencer overnight. Traditional media companies and advertising agencies are no longer the only businesses facing risks arising from the content they produce and promote.

Understanding the new types of exposures facing brands, bloggers, agents and other modern-day media organizations can be challenging. CFC’s bespoke, package policies address the convergence of media and technology and provide comprehensive cover for the risks faced when creating or promoting content on or offline.

Media & entertainment

Our media & entertainment insurance provides protection to license agreements, including cover for intellectual property infringement. In addition to addressing the risks faced by those creating, gathering and disseminating content.

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Bespoke policy designed to reduce gaps in cover, combining libel, slander, IP, content E&O, technology E&O, contractual liability, cyber and more

Licensing agreement liability

A specialist product that provides protection to licensees for an unintentional breach of their license agreements, including cover for intellectual property infringement

Key features

  • Breach of IP licensing agreement
  • Intellectual property rights infringement
  • Reputation and brand protection
  • Flexible policy periods

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