Businesses and professionals who provide healthcare and other wellness services face unique risks associated with patient and client care.

Healthcare organizations face a variety of challenges, such as rising costs and a demand for easier access, as a result we’re now seeing new technologies emerge to transform the way patient care is delivered and addressed.

CFC offers bespoke healthcare insurance products that provide cover for allied health professionals, eHealth and digital medicine and other wellness and fitness organizations.


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A unique modular policy package, combining all the relevant exposures faced by multifaceted organizations, as well as comprehensive coverage for health practitioners.

Key features

  • Cyber & privacy
  • Reputation and brand protection cover
  • Sexual misconduct & physical abuse liability
  • Professional liability


A packaged policy tailored to the unique risk profile of companies operating at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

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Key features

  • Bodily injury arising from cyber events and system outages
  • Technology E&O
  • Automatic coverage for physicians and medical practitioners
  • Cyber and privacy

Digital innovation is set to transform the face of healthcare across the world, and this fast-paced industry is ever-changing and evolving.

Ground-breaking new ideas and tools have the potential to offer patients faster, more easily accessible and efficient care, which can only improve the healthcare system as a whole. While there will undeniably be obstacles to overcome, the future of healthcare is bright.

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