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Cyber insurance is becoming a necessary purchase for almost every business around the world. That's because most traditional insurance policies, such as property insurance, don't cover exposures like cybercrime and system downtime.

Our easy-to-read cyber insurance guide explains how cyber risk and cyber insurance have evolved, and how a good cyber policy addresses these modern exposures.

New to cyber insurance?

Learn everything you need to know about cyber insurance in our guide.

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You've got questions, we've got answers.

You've got questions, we've got answers.

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance (also known as cyber liability insurance or cyber security insurance) is designed to protect businesses against the financial loss resulting from a range of cyber threats and exposures, including cybercrime, data breach and system interruption.

Cyber insurance primarily protects businesses against business interruption and financial losses caused by cyber events, cybercrime, and privacy breaches. 

A good cyber insurance cyber insurance policy will also provide access to technical resources including IT security experts, forensic investigators, lawyers and crisis communications specialists who will help you manage the situation and get back online as quickly as possible. 

Nearly every business in the world has a cyber exposure - whether they operate online, send or receive wire payments or process sensitive data.

Even small businesses have a cyber exposure - in fact, over 60% of cyber attacks target SMEs.

Explore the coverage areas in a typical cyber policy

Most cyber insurance policies consist of a variety of first and third party covers. Check out the major sections of our policy to learn more about what each part does:

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