Cyber insurance for manufacturers

Nearly every manufacturing vertical is adopting technologies to optimize production, enhance R&D and automate processes like resource planning, warehousing and supply chain management. But as more manufacturers move online, their business risks do too. Cyber criminals increasingly view manufacturers as high-value targets for financially-motivated cyber attacks like extortion and ransom demands, or to disrupt operations and steal trade secrets.

Cyber insurance can help

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Get operations back online quickly

Waking up to a cyber event can be paralyzing – workstations locked down, production at a standstill, files and systems unreachable. Every minute offline will affect your company’s bottom line.

Whether the result of a cyber attack or simply a system outage, cyber insurance can provide immediate access to a team of expert forensic and incident response specialists who will help you get to the bottom of the incident and back online as quickly as possible, saving you time and money.

Learn how CFC’s cyber claims and incident response team helped a kitchen manufacturer recover from a ransomware attack that shut down their sales systems and slowed production.

Get operations back online quickly
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Recover lost funds

Many manufacturers think they’re safe from cyber attacks because they don’t hold large volumes of sensitive data. But cyber criminals are just as interested in stealing money as they are customer records, and social engineering is one of the most common ways they trick businesses into handing over large volumes of cash.

Cyber insurance is designed to help manufacturers recover from financially-motivated cyber attacks like ransomware or funds transfer fraud, not just data breaches.

Read how fraudsters impersonated the CEO of a machinery manufacturer and transferred invoice payments to a criminal account, but CFC’s cyber insurance policy helped them recover the loss in full.

Recover lost funds
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Safeguard your supply chain

The supply chain is a critical part of any manufacturer’s operation, but it can quickly become a liability if your partners’ systems go down.

Cyber insurance can offer business interruption cover in the event of a cyber attack or system downtime. Policies can also offer cover if one of your supply chain partners suffers an attack or experiences a system failure that causes a financial loss for you.

CFC’s comprehensive cyber insurance policy offers market-leading business interruption cover for you and your full supply chain.

Safeguard your supply chain

Cyber insurance helps protect manufacturers against the financial loss resulting from cyber attacks, data breach, system failures and much more.

Understanding your policy

Most cyber insurance policies include of a variety of coverage areas that work together to provide manufacturers with broad and affordable protection. Learn more about the major sections of cover in our policy.

All of this is backed up by best-of-breed risk management services and expert cyber claims handling. Learn more about our cyber solution.

Over 40,000 businesses in 60 countries around the world trust CFC for their cyber insurance. Are you ready to join them?

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