Article October 15, 2020

5 resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

To recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, we've assembled a handful of useful resources to help you improve security and stay safe online.

Cyber insurance is about more than just words on paper. At CFC, aside from offering a great product, we also want to help businesses prevent any attacks from happening in the first place and help them recover faster if they do.

Below are a five cybersecurity resources we've put together to help achieve this goal. 



  1. CFC's Incident Response App

    CFC's Cyber Incident Response App does a whole lot more than give clients a quick and easy way to notify us of an issue. Using real-time threat intel, CFC cyber policyholders also get information about the most critical cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities facing their business, delivered directly to their phone.

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  2. Infographic: How to stay safe online

    When it comes to cybersecurity, a few small changes can make a big difference to your overall position. Our incident response team has compiled their top tips into this helpful infographic, explaining what businesses everywhere can do - today - to be safer online. 

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  3. Cybersecurity advisories

    Our in-house cyber incident response team handles thousands of incidents each year, which gives us unique insight into the latest threats affecting businesses. When we notice a pattern in our claims - whether it's a certain industry being targeted or a specific attack type on the rise - we alert brokers through our advisories

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  4. 7 Cybersecurity practices for MSPs

    Targeted ransomware attacks against IT managed service providers (MSPs) are on the rise with potentially catastrophic implications for both the MSP and the customers who depend on them. In response, we've put together 7 cybersecurity practices we would encourage MSPs to address.

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  5. Our cyber risk management services

    Like cyber insurance, risk management is a vital part of any business's cyber security strategy. That's why we’ve teamed up with specialist providers from around the globe to offer all of our cyber policyholders a wide range of best-of-breed services aimed at improving security before crisis strikes.

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