News June 1, 2021

CFC offers contract review service on architects & engineers and design & construction policies

CFC are offering clients a free contract review service on any architects & engineers and design & construction policies.

CFC have teamed up with Wilson Elser, one of America’s most influential law firms, to offer clients a free contract review service on any active policies under the architects & engineers and design & construction products.

Contracts will be reviewed for indemnification, insurance requirements, time frames, compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, standard of care, ownership of documents, alternative dispute resolution, prevailing parties, confidentiality and limitation of liability.

Wilson Elser has a team of attorneys across the country that conduct the reviews for their jurisdictions. Wilson Elser will allocate two hours for contract review and any possible revisions. If it takes longer to review and/or revise the contract, CFC will be notified and if authorised this will be charged to the insured.

Key benefits of the review service

  • No additional premium to be charged for the service
  • Reveals possible caveats, ambiguities or unusual stipulations in the contract
  • Confirms that the contract complies with laws and regulations
  • Highlights the insurance requirements and risk management opportunities
  • Wilson Elser and CFC will work together to return all contract reviews in one week
  • Three reviews per policy year
  • Two hour cap for the review
  • For risk management purposes only - Wilson Elser are not the insured’s lawyer

View the architects & engineers contract review service 

View the design & construction contract review service

Contact for more information. Find out more about the architects & engineers product and the design & construction product