Article January 5, 2022

Top cyber resources of 2021

As decided by you, our humble readers, we've pulled together our most popular pieces of cyber content from 2021

2021 was a year filled with all sorts developments within the cyber insurance world. The continued rise of ransomware wreaked havoc across an already hardening market. At the same time, Covid forced many businesses to re-evaluate the importance of their digital assets and woke them up to the benefits of cyber insurance

We've been keeping a close eye on all these trends and producing our usual array of articles, case studies, advisories and tools to keep you up to date and in the loop. Here are the ones you loved the most!

  1. The real fuel behind cyber crime

    Originally published on LinkedIn, read Graeme Newman's rebuttal against the claim that cyber insurance providers are funding cybercrime by reimbursing ransomware payments.

  2. 6 things cyber underwriters love

    Clients often ask what types of cybersecurity measures they should adopt as a business, so we’ve spoken to our underwriters and security team at CFC to see what they love in potential clients and put it into this handy infographic.

  3. Cyber Tips: Multi-factor authentication

    In the first post of our Cyber Tips series, we explore what multi-factor authentication (MFA) is and why it matters.

  4. Ransomware calculator

    Ever wondered how much a ransomware attack might set your business back? Our new ransomware calculator provides low, medium and high severity ransomware loss estimates drawn from data gathered from the thousands of cyber claims CFC has responded to over the last two decades.

  5. Cyber case study round up

    In 2018, we launched our cyber claims case study series. Coming to you monthly, these in-depth case studies have explored everything from data re-creation after ransomware attacks to the reputational impact of data breaches. Here, we have consolidated the series so far. 

So there you have it! If there's ever a topic you'd like our cyber experts to dive into, then please give us a shout!

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