Article September 15, 2021

CFC Response App: All about “Ask the Expert”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get free cybersecurity advice 24/7? Turns out you can. Learn about our mobile app’s “Ask the Expert” service.

With the proliferation of cyber attacks, it’s no secret that cyber insurance needs to continue to evolve. What could once exist simply as a broad policy wording covering today’s technology-related risks must grow to include risk management services that work for policyholders from day one.

Recognising this shift, we’ve invested heavily in growing our in-house personnel and technology over the last two years. Through the acquisition of Solis Security and Insane Technologies, we grew our threat analysis and cyber incident response team four-fold. At the same time, we launched our mobile app, Response, which features a range of cybersecurity tools and services designed to keep systems secure, educate employees, and prevent losses.

One of the most valuable services on offer through the app is “Ask the Expert.” Manned 24/7 by our team of over 100 qualified cybersecurity experts, “Ask the Expert” gives our cyber policyholders unparalleled access to free, tailored advice covering the following topics and more:


  1. Business email security

    Want to know some of the steps you can take to make your business email infrastructure more resilient? No problem. With an estimated quarter of cyberattacks we respond to stemming from a compromised email account, our expert team is well-versed when it comes to identifying gaps in your systems and the latest tools and system setup to help you plug them.

  2. System updates and patching

    Whether we’ve contacted you directly via threat alert to tell you we’ve identified a vulnerability in your systems or you’ve been made aware separately that software you’re running could be open to attack, we can provide guidance one what you need to do to deploy updates, investigate whether signs of attack are present, and clean and secure systems. 

  3. Employee training

    The impact avoidable human error has on the overall cybersecurity of businesses can’t be denied. From clicking on phishing links to sending sensitive, unencrypted files to the wrong sources, one employee’s actions can have a detrimental impact on businesses of all types. Not only can we answer any questions you might have about our phishing simulation tool, but we can also give advice on what else you can do to ensure employees are educated about cyber risk. 

  4. Cybersecurity tools on offer

    Not sure what other risk management tools we offer? Need clarification about setting them up? Simply have a question about the app? “Ask the Expert” is also a tool for anyone needing technical support on our range of risk management tools as well as the app itself. Don’t be scared to ask even the simplest question… that’s what we’re here for! 

Having access to this range and depth of cybersecurity knowledge can easily cost businesses thousands in retainer fees. But through the Response app, every one of CFC’s cyber customers can access it for free, which is why we think it’s one of the most valuable features of our policy.

We hope you’ll try out CFC’s Response app today. And of course, any questions you have about it, our other cybersecurity services, or our cyber policy can be submitted through “Ask the Expert.” See you online soon!


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