Article February 19, 2021

5 reasons you're crazy not to use Connect

Last year, we launched our single-question trading platform for cyber, Connect. Now available to our brokers globally, are you missing a trick by not using it?

Tired of onerous application forms? Ever wish you could adjust a limit and not wait for an underwriter to respond with the premium? Want to easily present multiple quotes to your client? Well Connect does it all and more. If you aren’t using it yet for your SME cyber business, here are five reasons why you should be: 

  1. You can amend limits and deductibles yourself

    Connect puts the control back in your hands. Not only can you easily produce multiple quotes with varying limits and levels of coverage, but you can make any adjustments to existing quotes yourself. Connect will return an amended premium instantaneously with zero-touch from underwriters, so you can say goodbye to waiting for a reply and get on with your day. 

  2. You don’t need to fill out an app or get clients to sign anything

    To get a quote, brokers need to enter just one piece of information – their client’s domain name – and Connect does the rest, scouring millions of publicly-available data points to fill in the details and returning bespoke quote options based on your pre-set preferences. You’ll also be able to create brand new quote variations using a set of intuitive sliders, and bind right away without the need for a client signature. 

  3. You get sales support with targeted claims examples by industry

    If we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years, it’s that cyber risks affect different industries… well, differently. A healthcare organisation has different exposures to a retail business or a construction firm. To help you with those difficult client conversations, Connect provides you with cyber claims case studies that apply to your client’s industry and give real-life examples of how cyber insurance helped their type of business. 

  4. You can benchmark your client’s limits against those of similar companies

    “What limit should I buy?” is a question you’re probably used to hearing. Connect makes it easier to answer by benchmarking your client’s type and size of business against their peers and displaying the limits that similar businesses are buying. We have found that having this point of comparison is often one of the most useful tools when explaining the breadth of the cyber risks they face. 

  5. You can keep track of your whole portfolio

    Finally, Connect allows you to keep a birds-eye view on your whole cyber portfolio. You’ll be able to see all your bound policies and upcoming renewals and also any quotes that haven’t crossed the finish line just yet. 

And of course, if your client doesn't fit within the wide parameters offered by Connect, you can submit your application in the normal way and still receive the same great service you've come to expect from CFC. 

Are you ready to Connect? Visit our Connect page for more information about the platform and to request a login. For more information about our cyber insurance offerings more generally, visit our cyber product page