Article July 28, 2020

We write that

We’re back for another edition of We write that! Yes, it’s time to push aside the dreary insurance risk and browse through the je ne sais quoi. From pollination research to light projects, we’ve got it covered!

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Waste not want not

A non-profit organization working off the oceans of America and the Caribbean collects, sorts and recycles ocean waste. But it doesn’t end there, the ocean waste is then turned into jewellery! So now you can look exceptional and be environmental. 

Our management liability team provided D&O, EPL and kidnap & ransom in one policy.


Pollination power

Bees and their pollination habits are becoming increasingly important, so it’s not surprising there’s dedicated agencies who track and monitor our honey-making mates. This agency in particular was looking at which bees were pollinating plants of interest in specific regions. 

Our professional liability team provided E&O cover. 


Escape your house 

After the continuing success of escape rooms, this tech company has adapted to the world of locked down 2020 and created an escape room-style app. Players are tasked with finding hidden codes, performing tasks and solving riddles. 

Our technology team provided tech E&O, media and cyber coverage.

In touch with emotions

Emotional intelligence (EI) is more than just understanding when someone’s having a bad day. People, and businesses, are benefiting from having dedicated EI training from this specialist training company. 

Our professional liability team offered E&O and GL cover. 


Let there be light

A light projection company who specialises in story-telling for big brands and VR experiences was looking to project imagery onto various buildings and for an upcoming installation. 

Our media team provided coverage for E&O, media and IP infringement. 


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