Article December 16, 2019

We write that

We’ve gone festive for this edition of We Write That! We love unique, unconventional and sometimes down-right weird risks, and while we don’t write everything, we do consider a lot more than the average humdrum insurance risk.

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Keep your eyes peeled for Christmas lights

We love a home that goes all out for Christmas. Whether you look in awe or sheer horror – when the Christmas lights are on, people come looking. Did you know there’s a handy app to help you hunt down the biggest and best… or most garish displays.

Our technology team provided media, cyber and E&O cover for this app.

The future is bright, furry friends

We’d all like to see into our pet’s future – avoiding vet bills, fleas and rogue mince pie raisins is top of many pet owners’ agendas. So obviously there’s a need for pet phone psychics, but what if Fido is misadvised to go on an adventure and then she’s dog-napped?

Our professions team provided E&O cover for this pet medium.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen sausages

Veganism is so vogue right now, but who can resist a good old-fashioned sausage? Especially when it’s exotic reindeer meat! Pork is passé and veggie sausages aren’t for everyone... don’t knock it until you try it!

Our P&C team offer bodily injury cover for this exotic meat supplier.

Who said museums were full of dusty, old things?

Holograms, 360-degree videos, virtual and augmented reality – this is an exhibition that’s pulling out all the stops! Move over dinosaur fossils, let’s get digital.

Our media team provides cover for media liability, professional indemnity and cyber liability.

A new age naughty and nice list

Being a parent is hard. Fact. An app which monitors children’s behaviour, chores, hygiene and manners would be a huge help to any mom or dad. It also might show a peak in well-behaved children as Christmas rolls around.

Our technology coverage for this app includes cyber, IP and BI.


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