Article December 1, 2019

Our top five cyber resources from 2019

From articles to infographics, we've pulled out a few of our favorite cyber-related pieces from 2019.

It's been an exciting, and challenging, year for cyber insurance. Here's a quick recap of the cyber content we've put together over the last year that aims to make sense of this rapidly-evolving space. 

  1. Anatomy of a cyber policy

    Cyber insurance policies tend to be modular in nature, meaning that they consist of a variety of different coverage areas and, for many, that has led to confusion around how exactly this cover fits together to create a uniform whole. To help explain this further, we dissected our cyber policy section by section to show how each part of this body of coverage functions. Check it out here.

  2. Cyber claims case studies

    In 2018, we launched our cyber insurance claims case study series. Coming to you monthly, these in-depth case studies have explored everything from data re-creation after ransomware attacks to the reputational impact of data breaches. For ease, we consolidated all 17 we've done so far. You can have a browse here!

  3. Cyber risk heat map

    Our cyber risk heat map was built from data relating to 2,500 cyber claims we’ve dealt with in the last two years as well as trends that our incident response team is witnessing externally. This color-coded graph ranks the severity of different industries’ exposure to business interruption, privacy, and cybercrime and includes a few examples of how these exposures can play out for different types of organizations.

  4. Cyber advisories

    This year, CFC expanded its in-house cyber incident response capabilities with the acquisition of Solis Security, a Texas-based incident response provider, meaning CFC now offers the largest in-house cyber incident response team in the world. As part of this, we've begun issuing cyber risk advisories, which feature information on the latest threats we're seeing affect our clients. View our cyber advisories here.

  5. Our new cyber product page

    For those of you looking for info on cyber, make sure to drop by our recently updated cyber product page, which now features not only the usual brochures and application forms, but info on our incident response and risk management offerings, contact info for underwriters, dedicated cyber solutions pages for different industries, and quick links to some of our most popular cyber content.