Webinar September 1, 2017

Webinar: Product Recall

As part of CFC’s series of e-learning sessions, the Crisis Management team is holding a webinar to walk you through product recall insurance.

Handling the fallout from a product recall can be a daunting prospect for businesses. That is, if they are aware of what a recall can entail – because for many, this kind of incident is a really abstract notion, with lots of confusion around what it is, how it can happen and why insurance cover is so important.

In this webinar, we answer these questions and show how our recall policies are designed to help businesses get back on their feet quickly after an incident. All along the way, we share case studies and insight which will help you sell this product better. So tune in!

Tune in on Wednesday, 20th September at 12pm EST to learn more about this topic. Registering couldn’t be easier, simply go to the below link and enter your name and email:


If you have any questions ahead of the webinar, please email Matt Hagan at mhagan@cfc.com.