News June 21, 2018

CFC’s dedicated policy for nutraceutical companies

Interest in health and nutrition-related products is on the rise, making nutraceuticals an exciting and emerging industry.

In fact, experts believe that by 2021, the nutraceutical industry alone will be worth $279bn.* An aging baby boomer generation combined with rising awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, especially among millennials, is driving this growth.

It’s clear that the evolution of this industry represents a huge opportunity for businesses involved in the manufacture and distribution of nutraceutical products. However, this inevitably comes with increasing exposures such as bodily injury or the threat of a publicised recall of a contaminated product.

CFC’s dedicated policy for nutraceutical companies can help manage these risks and provide peace of mind. Read our brochure here.

CFC’s Life Sciences policy is designed to cover the full breadth of unique risk exposures faced by Life Science businesses. This innovative insurance product allows companies along the entire Research & Development chain to secure their funding streams and general business activities. Suitable for a range of companies from drug developers, CROs, CMOs and contract research service providers, our policy includes the below features and can be tailored to meet specific business needs.