Article December 8, 2022

Snowman Sling: How to insure a Christmas game

Sheldon the Snowman is embarking on a new business venture to launch his very own Snowman Sling game. But what type of cover from CFC does he need to keep in mind when starting up a new game, especially during the silly season?

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It can be a  very risky enterprise lending out his head for every game, but in true Christmas spirit Sheldon knows launching Snowman Sling is well worth the gamble if he has the right insurance.


Intellectual property 💡

Every idea needs protecting. A lesser snowman by the name ‘Oh-Laugh’ got wind of the game concept and is trying to recreate Snowman Sling as ‘Laughing my Head off.’ But with intellectual property (IP) cover, Sheldon can pursue Oh-Laugh as he infringes on his IP rights.

Media 📽️

In the lead up to the game launch Sheldon wants to feature himself in social media ads to his large follower base. As the face of the brand, and a definite influencer, Sheldon has a media liability policy in case his supporters find something he says a bit too icy.

Licensing 📋

When collaborating with CFC to promote Snowman Sling, CFC needs a licensing agreement to use the trademark and other Snowman Sling materials on their website. To ensure there’s no misuse of the brand he’s opted for licensing cover to avoid any nasty contract breaches.

Cyber 👾

Snowman Sling has a crucial reliance on technology, therefore needs good security and healthy cyber practices. The game could be subject to nasty cyber bugs or viruses if it’s not hosted on a secure platform or URL. This could make Snowman Sling a prime target for cyber criminals to download ransomware onto the host devices. Sheldon doesn’t want a freeze in business so insures for costs involved in any cyber-crime activity like ransomware or extortion.

Tech 👩‍💻

Slinging isn’t just fun to play, it’s sensational to watch! Sheldon has set himself up on a new game streaming app, so he can slip on a headset and sling away to his viewers. If there are too many watchers in a session or connectivity issues from the North Pole, it may impact his viewers’ experience. Products and services liability insurance would cover him for any app malfunctions or other app issues.

Fintech 💱

To grow his revenue, Sheldon is thinking about adding extra levels and features to his game which are available to players for a small fee. To facilitate this, he partnered with a popular payment app with good user reviews. However, as smart as the app is, Sheldon knows that there is still room for snowman error and technology risk. While researching his supplier, he made sure the payment app had bespoke FinTech cover to protect against any financial fumbles.

Healthcare / Medical malpractice 👨‍⚕️

Concussions are a common workplace hazard in Sheldon’s line of work where he’s constantly losing his head. His facial features also get a bit of a knock so it’s no surprise he’s a regular on the operating table. His surgeon (now also one of his close friends) has medical malpractice cover just in case the latest carrot nose adjustment goes awry.

Life science 🧴

In preparation for a few bumps to the head, Sheldon is trialling new supplements to help with potential headaches or bruising. To make sure he’s protected from any ill side effects he’s included life science and nutraceuticals in his catalogue of cover.

Property & casualty 🏗️

Buildings in the North Pole are often prone to adverse weather conditions, so it’s important Sheldon has P&C cover frozen-related property damage or icy trip and slips. It can get so cold – enough to freeze the pipes or, if the internal heating malfunctions, Sheldon is at risk of overheating and starting to melt!

Product recall 📦

When purchasing new replacement noses, there was an error in the order and parsnips were delivered instead of carrots! This would just not suffice, but thankfully Sheldon is covered for any manufacturing or product recall misfortunes luckily so he can get a replacement order at no additional costs and with minimal disruption.

Management liability 👩‍💼

With the game already making a hit this Christmas, Sheldon will need to take on more snowmen to sling their heads to keep up with the number of game plays. He can’t stick his neck out for them all the time, so he’s decided on a management liability policy to protect ever-growing directors and snow-slingers from any breaches of slinging duties.

Transaction liability 🤝

Christmas games Inc is a multi-million dollar company who have got in touch with Sheldon because they want to buy his game. They’ve seen how successful it is and want to make money from it. Sheldon will need transaction liability insurance to protect him from reps and warranties put in place by the big corporation.


As you can see, snow-man can be left behind when it comes to insuring your business! If you think some of these risks might relate to some of your more human clients' businesses, or if you have any questions - drop us an email at You can also learn more about our products by checking out the resources page. Happy slinging!

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