News July 7, 2016

Fast Track Your Submissions

We realise it can sometimes be a headache to figure out who the right person is to obtain a quote from. Sending your submission to the wrong inbox can often mean a long delay before you get a response.

Fast Track has been designed to provide you with a central point of contact, automatically directing your submissions to the right person at CFC.

Through our simple online form you can provide us with a new business submission or send in a completed renewal application at the touch of a button. By using Fast Track your submission will avoid our normal logging process and land directly on an underwriter’s desk.

In order to be as helpful as possible, we also provide you with an opportunity to use our system to send the submission to whoever else needs to see it. And yes, we’ll even allow you to send it to our competitors if you really want to! But we’re confident that in the end you’ll like our quotes more….

At CFC we believe that insurance should be simple and efficient. Through Fast Track we aim to make sure our quotes reach you quicker. To arrange a demonstration or to register an account, please contact us at