Article January 24, 2023

Insurance solution for dietary supplement companies

With the extreme growth in dietary supplement-related products recently, the industry as a whole is gaining a lot of attention with many new developments.

In fact, it’s estimated that the industry will grow to be worth $745.5 billion by 2028 mainly due to the rising ageing population. But like any emerging industry, dietary supplement businesses are exposed to a range of traditional and modern risks.

CFC’s dietary supplement policy is designed to cover the full breadth of unique risk exposures faced by companies operating in this space. This innovative insurance product allows companies, both traditional brick and mortar and e-tailers, to protect their balance sheet against both first party losses, in the form of product recall and cyber system business interruption coverage, an essential cover for online sellers, and third-party litigation, following a bodily injury event, or allegations of advertising injury.

We’ve made it easy to purchase essential coverages while also addressing emerging risks under one policy. Sean Burke, Life Science Team Leader

CFC’s streamlined dietary supplement insurance solution provides a products liability limit of up to $20m and a general liability limit of up to $20m. Premiums for a $20m limit start from as little as $10,000.

You can read our brochure here.