Article January 4, 2019

Top 10 cyber resolutions for 2019

We've put together a few of our top cyber-related resolutions for the year ahead. Check them out and here's to a wonderful (and secure!) 2019.


1. I will change all default passwords on my personal and work devices. 


2. I will regularly check for updates to the operating systems of my laptop, computer and mobile phone. 


3. I will install strong anti-virus software and keep it updated. 


4. I will think twice before clicking on unknown links or attachments in emails. 


5. I will authorize payments to new transfer partners via telephone to minimize risk of fraud. 


6. I will not share sensitive information on social media that could be used against me in phishing attacks. 


7. I will back up my entire system at least once a week on an external hard drive.


8. I will encrypt my mobile phone and all of my other devices. 


9. I will talk to my kids (or parents) about how to stay safe online. 


10. In the event that resolutions 1-9 fail, I'll have a cyber insurance policy in place to save the day!