Article August 16, 2018

Intellectual Property Strategy for Disruptive Technologies

As global patent and other intellectual property (IP) applications gather pace, the development and delivery of IP strategies remain a challenge for companies at both ends of the spectrum. From the largest world companies to the most conceptual start-ups, the perceived importance of IP, in the context of disruption, has never been higher.

Aistemos, a data provider to CFC, have developed an IP Strategy Report which uses analytics, interviews and survey responses to collate some prevailing opinions towards IP.

By investigating the profile of intellectual property, Aistemos set the scene to identify the nature of disruption in technology areas and then go on to detail the response to this disruption in law and in business practices, which includes collaboration, licensing and patent litigation.

Patent ownership and litigation statistics are review in-depth in some particularly innovative industry segments.  These are Industry 4.0, Fintech, Automotive and Aerospace & Defence.  The report also analyses the technologies owned by the world’s largest Technology companies to make comparisons on which technologies are being the most heavily protected by patents.

By relating patenting activity and litigation statistics organisations are able to monitor technology areas in greater depth.  This activity not only informs their competitive innovation strategy but can also assist with evaluating the extent of their infringement risk on a strategic level.

Operationally, infringement risk can be further quantified through other risk identification activities, allowing them to make an assessment on the extent to which they transfer or share this risk through means of contractual terms with other parties or explore IP insurance.

We are pleased to have contributed to the report in the section concerning IP risk (section 1.5), where our IP Practice Leader Erik Alsegard provides insight on the role of IP insurance within an IP risk management strategy.

You can download the report for free here.