Article November 28, 2016

Intellectual Property in the USA – things to watch

Following his election victory earlier this month, the next few weeks will likely see most of President-elect Trump’s time spent formulating priorities with his new team. Recently, cabinet reshuffles and high-level international relations have been dominating the column inches – but what about intellectual property?

There has been a lot of discussion in IP circles about the impact of the election result on a multitude of issues – venue reform, the USPTO Director appointment, alleged theft of US property overseas, as well as the President-elect’s personal experiencewith IP in the courts in China.

Harter and Quinn at IP Watchdog argue VP-elect Mike Pence’s experience in the House of Representatives and his track record in patent legislation may influence decision-making in the upcoming administration when it comes to US patent reform – that’s if there are any discernable reforms.

It may be a while before we see any key decisions to do with IP that will directly affect the costs, strategies and prevalence of IP litigation, but even in the absence of specified ‘positions’ during the Presidential campaign, there appears to be an expectation for the new administration to have a formal position on intellectual property reform soon.