News March 31, 2022

CFC names Roger Francis Managing Director, CFC Response

CFC announced today that it has appointed Roger Francis to the newly-created role of Managing Director of CFC Response.

Francis joined CFC in the summer of 2019 to take up the role of Cyber Claims Director having spent over 15 years in information security, helping businesses protect their organisational assets from cyber threats, developing global security governance programs, and responding to headline cyber breaches.

We believe that retaining our claims and incident response services in-house enables us to not only command better control over outcomes, but also get in front of threats to help our customers prevent cyber incidents in the first place. With CFC Response, we’ve built the world’s largest in-house team of highly skilled technical experts who form the front-line response to any client cyber event. Dave Walsh, Group CEO, CFC

Walsh continued: “CFC Response is one of the most critical areas of our business, and one that is only going to grow both in terms of expertise and importance. With Roger at the helm, we will continue to ensure that our incident response teams around the world deliver unparalleled service to our customers before, during and after a cyber event.”

As Managing Director of CFC Response, Francis will be responsible for a team of more than 100 global incident responders and cyber security specialists operating across three global offices in London, the United States and Australia.

Francis commented: “The global CFC Response team not only provides our customers with an even faster resolution to their cyber events, greatly reducing their business downtime and costs, it also plays a crucial role in gathering and alerting companies to threat intelligence specific to their business, helping prevent attacks in the first place. This is the direction the cyber insurance market has to take, and CFC Response will be at the forefront.”