Guide October 14, 2019

Intro to digital health

Digital innovation is set to transform the face of healthcare across the world, and this fast-paced industry is ever-changing and developing.

Intro to digital health

Ground-breaking new ideas and tools have the potential to offer patients faster, more accessible and more efficient care, which can only improve the healthcare system as a whole. While there will undeniably be obstacles to overcome, the future of healthcare is bright.


In the intro you will learn:

  1. What digital health is

    Digital health is a broad umbrella term for healthcare services which are delivered using some sort of technology.

  2. The importance of bespoke insurance

    As the healthcare and technology sectors continue to intertwine, practitioners and companies operating in the digital health space will start to experience a wider range of risks.

  3. Key exposures

    Companies operating in this space often bridge both the healthcare and technology sectors, not only are there traditional exposures but the integration of technology creates new emerging threats.

  4. Bodily injury changes

    Traditional bodily injury coverage triggers have become outdated and are no longer sufficient with the global rise of technology.

  5. Claims examples

    A few claims examples involving AI, mHealth and telemedicine.