Article June 30, 2021

CFC adds risk management service to eHealth product suite

CFC has enhanced its eHealth product suite with the addition of a range of risk management services for policyholders provided through an exclusive partnership with the Center for Telehealth and E-Health Law (CTeL).

This includes the first digital training solution designed specifically for telehealth providers.

“Risks and provider confusion are on the rise owing to the explosive growth in telehealth as a result of the huge shift to the electronic delivery of healthcare services and treatments during the global pandemic,” said Tim Boyce, Head of Professions & Healthcare at CFC. “This rapid acceleration has led to inconsistent prescribing rules, varying privacy laws, misunderstanding licensure requirements and non-uniform scope of practice rules. There needs to be a greater focus on tailored risk management to mitigate the rising tide of emerging threats to patient safety.”

He continued: “Over 65 percent of incidents reported to CFC emanated from emerging risks such as technology errors from artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots and cyber attacks, all of which would have been excluded by traditional medical liability insurance solutions. Our new partnership with CTeL will deliver risk management training and services to our insureds to help mitigate this rising tide of complex and emerging liability claims.”

For 25 years, CTeL has been the leading source of legal, regulatory, and policy intelligence for the telehealth community.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, CTeL’s research and policy coalitions have forged the path forward to modern-day virtual care.

We’re delighted to partner with CFC. It’s refreshing to work with a specialist insurer who is proactive in helping their insureds to better educate themselves as to the risks they face and prevent incidents from occurring. Christa Natoli, Executive Director, CTeL

CFC was one of the first to provide insurance solutions tailored to the unique risk profile of businesses in the digital health sector and healthcare providers adopting technology as part of day-to-day patient care.

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