Article September 4, 2017

Wine festival cancelled due to heat wave

California has had its share of extreme weather occurrences this year, and the high temperatures combined with ongoing wildfires and urban smog have taken their toll on an annual wine festival scheduled to take place in Livermore Valley, near San Francisco. The event, which was due to bring over 1,000 guests to the area to sample local wines and artisan produce, was cancelled in the interest of guests’ and staff’s health. Organisers of the wine festival took on board the forecasted 115 degrees Fahrenheit (which is a whopping 46 degrees Celsius) when they made their call.

Tickets will be refunded, but at such short notice and with the season drawing to a close, the festival will not be rescheduled this year. This means organisers may well be left with some unrecoverable costs such as equipment hire (e.g. stands, AV system, banners, furniture) and participation fees they may have charged exhibitors to partake in the event.

Adverse weather is a common cause for event cancellation, and as such is covered by most cancellation policies, including ours. It would cover ‘unrecoverable costs’ such as the above equipment hire and participant fees, but also venue hire, staff salaries (for instance security staff), and more. Get in touch to find out more, and if your client has a specific event coming up, our team can go through it line by line to give you a better idea of what could be covered by our event cancellation insurance policy.

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