Article March 14, 2017

Swiss are patent application champions

Each year, the European Patent Office releases in-depth statistics about patent applications by country. The results of their research are published in handy ranking tables – one of them comparing the number of patent applications from inventors in each country with the total population of that country for a “Ratio of [patent] applications per million inhabitants”

So, according to this methodology, who are the most inventive Europeans?

It’s the Swiss! With a long-held reputation for high quality design, Swiss-domiciled inventors rank the highest for European Patent applications, with measurement technology, life science and factory plant being their most patented technology.

Top 5 countries in terms of applications by population (2016 full year data)
1. Switzerland
2. Netherlands
3. Sweden
4. Denmark
5. Finland

As for the UK, we’re in 16th place but certainly deserve an honourable mention for our research and expertise in the transport sector and life sciences.

More statistics and fun are available here: