The future of healthcare

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CFC’s digital and hybrid healthcare enquiries are expected to outpace traditional healthcare enquiries in the next year. This marks a momentous shift in the market that will only continue to grow.

CFC have examined claims and enquiry data from the last five years to analyze growth, sector trends and types of claims.

Learn more in CFC’s future of healthcare report.

A focus on the growing digital healthcare market

A focus on the growing digital healthcare market

We've seen significant transformations in the healthcare industry over the past few years - particularly the ways in which healthcare services are delivered and received. The digital boom in this sector has resulted in an uptick in the enquiries we see.

In CFC's future of healthcare report, you'll learn about:

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Digital and hybrid healthcare enquiries are set to surpass traditional healthcare enquiries

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Artificial intelligence (AI) sector has had a 32% increase in policy and enquiry count over the last year

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AI-related intellectual property (IP) claims are set to outpace traditional medical negligence claims

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In 2021, our frequency of healthcare cyber claims was 4x larger than in 2020

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The legal and regulatory landscape has become more complex and stringent