Brexit & CFC

As a result of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit), CFC has made the necessary changes to our corporate structure to ensure continuity of cover for customers with European risks, and to ensure our continued ability to access business in the region.

While we expect your experience with CFC to remain seamless, it’s important to us that you are aware of how CFC is preparing for the transition.

To prepare for the possibility of the UK losing its passporting rights in the European Economic Area (EEA), CFC has established a subsidiary in Brussels – CFC Europe S.A – which is a fully authorised insurance agent in Belgium, with passporting rights across the EEA allowing us to continue to provide our insurance products to policyholders in the EEA member states.

EEA risks after 1 January 2019

CFC Europe S.A will use the capacity of Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. (Lloyd’s Brussels) and other authorised insurers to ensure our continued ability to access and service EEA business. This will provide our policyholders with continued security of the Lloyd’s Central Fund and financial strength ratings.

For brokers and customers, most of these changes will happen behind the scenes and are purely to ensure compliance with industry regulation post-Brexit. We will keep our brokers, business partners and policyholders informed of relevant milestones in our progress. Should you have further questions about CFC’s plans for Brexit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lloyd’s Brexit Transfer Notification - 15 June 2020

Lloyd’s is proposing to transfer certain EEA insurance policies to Lloyd’s Brussels. The proposed transfer will not change terms and conditions of any policy, except that Lloyd’s Brussels will become the insurer and Data Controller in respect of the transferred policies.

Further information about the proposal (including whether it could affect your pre-transfer position), which policies are transferring, your rights and what you need to do can be found at