Webinar September 9, 2019

Cyber incidents in action: A walkthrough in real-time

Learn more about the inner workings of CFC's in-house cyber incident response and claims team and how to talk about this vital policy benefit with clients.

In this webinar, CFC's International Team Leader Lindsey Nelson will be showing you what the unfolding of a cyber event looks like from our point of view. This will include information about what our incident response team actually does and why it’s different; who the first point of contact should be when an incident happens; what clients and brokers can expect in response; and when and how we engage with our partner network. 

When you buy a cyber insurance policy, you are ultimately buying access to experienced specialists should the worst happen. That's why it's so vitally important that clients are purchasing policies backed by knowledgeable claims teams and are educated on when to notify (answer: right away!) to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Watch the webinar recordings below or view the slides: 

North America version

UK and international version

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