News September 9, 2019

CFC wins Campaign of the Year

CFC’s cyber education program won Campaign of the Year at the Insurance Insider Honours last week.

This award recognizes insurance industry campaigns that successfully educate brokers and buyers, promote higher uptake of insurance or a new product, raise awareness around risk management, and lobby authorities for change. 

We’re proud to announce that CFC’s cyber education campaign, launched in May last year, claimed the title at a glittering ceremony in London last week. 

We launched our cyber education campaign last year with the objective of turning negative awareness into positive action. Although one of the hottest topics in insurance, cyber can be made unnecessarily complex by industry jargon, buzzwords and a lack of standardisation in policy wordings.

This confusion makes it harder for brokers to effectively sell cyber to clients, many of whom are skeptical about whether they actually need it against the backdrop of headlines purporting that cyber policies aren’t fit for purpose and, even worse, that cyber insurance claims aren’t getting paid.

We launched our cyber education campaign last year with the objective of turning negative awareness into positive action.

As a cyber insurance provider with over 20 years’ experience in this class, we believe it is our responsibility to bust the myths and educate our brokers to help build their understanding of cyber insurance and provide them with tools designed to help them effectively sell cyber to their clients.

Here are a few things we've done as part of this program: 

  • released 14 case studies based on real life claims that we have managed and paid, which have been downloaded over 6,000 times
  • produced over 30 articles covering different areas of cyber insurance including our Anatomy of a cyber policy and Cyber myths pieces – total downloads to date exceed 3,000
  • staged over 100 webinars in which over 2,500 industry professionals have participated

The response has been overwhelming and given the positive feedback, we have widened the campaign over the past few months to include other emerging risk areas such as digital health and intellectual property.

Are you interested in taking part in our cyber education program? Watch recorded webinars from our Cyber 101 event series, read our cyber case studies, or see our other cyber resources. And of course, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events taking place at a venue near you.

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